Pocket Observatory: Finalizing!

Yes, I have decided on a name for my upcoming Gear VR astronomy app: Tadaa – Pocket Observatory! Seems it is getting to a decent stage… it’s hard to stop adding features when new ideas pop up every five minutes, but this all has to wait for future releases. Now, it’s all about polishing and optimizing!

I found a really, really helpful guide to optimizing Gear VR apps on the Oculus developer blog: https://developer3.oculus.com/blog/squeezing-performance-out-of-your-unity-gear-vr-game/. This certainly saved me a few headaches.

Here’s a very first video impression of the app: https://youtu.be/G4tHM2v0NyY I was actually wondering how I could do a video such as this, but it turned out to be super easy: Integrate the platform menu provided with the OVR toolkit, and the function is available in the platform menu by pressing the back button 🙂