Amy’s Prologue

Yay, I did it! As part of the Narrative Game Jam #5 on, there is now a playable prologue for my upcoming game. It is still very rough – a game jam submission after all – but a big milestone for me: the first public artifact introducing the game world. And there’s finally a title for the project, too. Give it a spin, it’s a click-through story that should take you only a couple of minutes.

Eventually, I plan to integrate this as an intro into the actual game.

Initial feedback on my main character, Amy, has been very positive (thanks to everyone for encouragement!). I’ve also invested far more into worldbuilding already than initially estimated, so, if all goes well, there will be more episodes of “Amy Sparks” adventures in the future.

Follow me on twitter or to get updates on how the game progresses. It’s still a looong way to go, but I’m deeply enjoying the journey 🙂