Tiny game #6: Bones

A tiny edutainment game, inspired by the “find & click” prompt from the list of prompts from an RMIT Games class. Learn about the human skeleton!

Update: I published a vastly enhanced version on itch.io! Play it here.

click on the image to open the game in a new window – webgl-enabled browser required!

This took a lot longer than expected – I jumped at the opportunity to 3D model a basic human skeleton in Blender (it’s rough, but still anatomically correct), and went a little further than strictly necessary with designing the 3D environment as well.

Also, even though this is a simple game, the interaction handling proved really complex. Very limited use of physics simulation (otherwise, there’s bones flying about everywhere), defining and dealing with attachment points on the skeleton, user feedback (the talking skull, color markers, colored bones), auto-aligning a bone when the user picks it up, etc. The devil’s in the detail!

On a side note, I went almost insane about MeshColliders with WebGL again. Only by chance, after hours of frustration, I discovered I had to check “read/write” in the import settings of the skeleton model. Otherwise, the MeshColliders in the WebGL build simply wouldn’t collide. Everything was running just fine in the editor, of course.